Tons of food thrown away!

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We are happy to take part in the project introduced by the highly qualified Alessia Chinellato (Business Developer) from the “Too Good To Go” company (“TGTG”).

What is it about exactly?
Every day we face several problems, with some being easier to ignore than others. No one likes to see wasted food in the trash, but in reality this happens constantly, every day and every second.

Such waste is increasing every day, and it amounts to a total of €17 billion per year in terms of spending. This equates to c. €700 per year spent by each family to purchase food that is ultimately trashed away, in a world that in a few years from now will no longer be able to produce enough food to feed all its inhabitants…

In Italy alone every year huge quantities are thrown away, c. 20 tons per minute or 317 kg every second: the same weight as 190 Titanic vessels!

Once, at the end of a buffet dinner, the founders of Too Good To Go noticed that a lot of still fresh yummy food was being thrown away… This triggered the idea of creating TGTG!

Too Good To Go is a mission, it is a team of passionate Waste Warriors believing that each of us can make a difference in making our world a better place.

Once the idea was developed, a few entrepreneurs joined forces to find a solution which now seems very simple: an app that allows each person to contribute to reducing waste and at the same time to getting fresh and delicious meals supporting local businesses. Local businesses reduce their waste and new customers try their products. Both help create a better world!
Habits are hard to change, but Too Good To Go is here for that! Growing at an incredible pace, Too Good To Go is the world’s largest food surplus reduction company, with over 16,925,994 Magic Boxes purchased, or 42,966 tons of CO2 saved.
*Every Magic Box purchased saves the planet the emission of 2.5 kg of CO2.
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