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The project of FRATELLI DE LUCA Salad & Juice Bar stems from a detailed analysis of the current gastronomy market over the last few years and of the recent preeminent trends, but most importantly from a deep passion for healthy cuisine and carefully sourced raw materials.

Fratelli De Luca Salad & Juice Bar is a small reality in the field of alternative catering, yet simple, authentic, and focused on delivering the highest quality.

The hectic pace of our lives, to which we are all forced to get accustomed, can be stressful. Our project wants to meet the needs of all those people who opt for a quick, but healthy and tasty meal during their breaks..

Our venue has become an oasis of joy and calmness for all our customers, a place where one can treat the palate with excellent products, while embracing the values of sustainability: seasonal products, locally sourced products as well as non-local options, as we like to offer exotic flavours too!

FRATELLI DE LUCA Salad&Bar is a small reality trying to to offer a broad and varied menu of choices.

In actual facts, we like to think that our customers can become active part in the choice of their meal.

Our strengths lie in our cold dishes and salads, which can be assembled according to anyone’s preferred taste, having the opportunity to select from many available ingredients until the perfect and most enjoyable combination is achieved! Winter choices include soups, “vellutate” (soups with a velvety feel due to the way vegetables are thinly blended), potato flans, all of which can be paired with our tasty sandwiches.

Our sandwiches are prepared with a selection of cured meats, handpicked within the the wide range proposed by Fiorucci who offer 5-star products. We also offer a broad choice of vegetarian options for our sandwiches.

Furthermore, we have engaged in a long and serious research project about drinks in order to offer suitable pairing options to everyone’s meal. Iced teas, organic juices, natural vitamins and, last but not least, our pressed juices and extracts, freshly made using seasonal fruits.

We have not neglected the possibility to offer a take away option for those who prefer to have lunch at home or in the office.

Our Greek yogurt Vios is among the products we are mostly proud of; we suggest to taste it with fruit or mixed with a good Muesli and honey. Like the other products we offer, Vios yogurt is provided by a serious company, committed to producing several varieties according to artisan methods.

We have also dived into another amazing world, which we are slowly discovering more and more, that one of tea: a real ritual if prepared in the right way. Thanks to Namastey, an all-Roman company that boasts a truly incredible selection of teas, we have included in our menu those varieties which we considered suitable thanks for their rich, specific, and pure taste.

The only thing left to do in order to discover everything else about our work is to come and visit us: we will do our best to pamper you as we love doing!


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