Ginger: how much?

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Using ginger for therapeutic purposes: how much should be used? To benefit from the properties of ginger, is reccommended to have an herbal tea, or to use it in the form of a powder (about 1 g) to be mixed with a glass of hot water, or also in capsules, liquid or dry extract to be taken according to the methods described on the package.

How to make ginger herbal tea: to make a ginger herbal tea, proceed as follows: cut into thin slices (or small cubes) about 10 g of fresh root without any external skin, let it boil in water for 7/8 minutes, turn off the heat and filter it. Alternatively you can prepare an herbal tea with dry ginger, the procedure is the same but use about 1 gram. Once you have prepared your ginger tea you can enjoy it as it is or add honey and / or lemon juice to taste. A piece of fresh or dried root can be chewed if necessary in case of intestinal pain, nausea or stomach cramps.

It is generally recommended not to take more than 15/20 grams of fresh rhizome or 3/4 gr of dry root or powder to avoid the onset of annoying intestinal disorders. Finally, on the market there is also the essential oil of ginger, to be diffused in the air or to be used through the skin.

Source: http://www.viversano.net/alimentazione/mangiare-sano/zenzero-gli- elected-andproperty/


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