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At the moment we are witnessing a return to healthy eating habits that were, then, those that characterized the tables of our grandparents, when there were not so many pre-cooked or preservative-filled products on the market.

For this reason we’ve chosen to use the claim: “… we like to eat healthy!”

Fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods that exist, to the point that a high slice of the Italian population has decided to completely eliminate animal products and to feed only on vegetables.

Nature offers man everything he needs to stay healthy, from proteins to fats, to vitamins and so on. Obviously, if you follow a diet based only on vegetables, it is important to introduce all the nutrients needed to stay healthy in the body. Owning a centrifuge is a great way to get another concentration of very important nutrients without consuming an exaggerated amount of fruit and vegetables.

Introducing the centrifuged into your diet, even if you don’t drink it every day, also has other advantages from the nutritional point of view, especially if the centrifuged are drunk instead of the fruit juices that you can buy on the market. Very often, mothers give their children ready-made juices and, of course, fruit juices can be a great way to make children eat hard-to-eat fruit. On the other hand, however, it is always better to replace the juices bought with fresh and freshly made juices, because even when they are guaranteed as preservatives-free, the fruit juices that are on the market often have several disadvantages.

First of all, they often have an excess of sugar due to the need to counteract the acidity of certain fruits. Furthermore, commercial fruit juices are often pasteurized, a practice used to kill germs by exposing juices to high temperatures for a short time, resulting in the destruction of many vitamins. Pasteurization also kills the enzymes in fruit and this can be a big problem. In fact, enzymes are living organisms that are present in all fresh foods and that are very important with regards to digestion.

If we consume foods in which enzymes have been destroyed by heat, it is very important to ensure that foods are also often introduced into the body where enzymes are still alive. Furthermore, it is good to know that if the body is more difficult to digest, it uses more resources that could be dedicated to other activities, including metabolic activity. In simpler words, if you have difficulty digesting your metabolism it slows down and you can even gain weight.

As can be seen, the advantages deriving from the purchase and use of a food centrifuge are truly remarkable. If you really wanted to find some disadvantage in the fact of using a centrifuge, you could mention the fact that then they have to be cleaned and that they produce a lot of waste. However, almost all centrifuge models can now be disassembled and reassembled very easily. Furthermore, waste can be reused to prepare tasty recipes.


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